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Heart of Steel: the Dan Lurie life Story
Dan Lurie and David Robson

Dan Lurie has done it all, conquering many obstacles throughout his 70-year career to become one of the sporting world's most endearing and multi-talented figures. Growing up in the Great Depression, Dan realized that if he were to make it, he would need to work extremely hard. Overcoming serious health problems and extreme poverty he did just that to become one of the 20th century's most recognizable bodybuilding pioneers and health promoters. From humble beginnings to the very top of the fitness world through persistence and dogged determination, Dan's story shows exactly what can be done with strength of mind and an unwavering commitment to excellence. That Dan has traversed the fitness world to become a successful bodybuilding competitor and contest promoter (with the WBBG), sports equipment manufacturer, television star (Sealtest Dan, The Muscle Man), magazine publisher of six titles including Muscle Training Illustrated, gym owner, anti-drug crusader, trainer, supplement company owner and devoted family man says much about his character and his life story illustrates exactly how, with courage and determination, we can all achieve our very best.

Dan began his bodybuilding career as one of the USA's best-built men, winning the AAU America's Most Muscular Man title three times running. He was also the first man to promote bodybuilding contests while helping to develop and refine the emerging bodybuilding industry, market and sell the first barbell sets and guide many bodybuilding superstars to the top. Other achievements include an historical arm wrestling match with President Ronald Reagan in the Oval Office.

Co- Authored by bodybuilding historian, David Robson, HEART OF STEEL THE DAN LURIE LIFE STORY is at once an entertaining and important historical document.

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The Truth Behind the Muscle: the Nasser El Sonbaty Story
Nasser El Sonbaty and David Robson

For 16 years the world’s largest professional bodybuilder - Nasser El Sonbaty - trained to beat the world’s best, and succeeded many times. With over 300 pounds of sliced and diced muscle on his symmetrical physique, Nasser dominated the bodybuilding world in his own remarkable style. Now his story has been told. Is his just another ‘bodybuilding book?’ Far from it! As with the life he has led and the body he has built, Nasser’s story is simply in a class of its own and does not hold back. As bodybuilding’s most outspoken athlete, Nasser has always told it how he has seen it: his defiance and forthrightness has won him many admirers, but also caused much controversy. For the very first time, the industry in which he competed is placed under the microscope and none of its main players are safe.

Traditionally a business that keeps a tight reign on its secrets, with what happens behind the scenes and on the stage usually staying there, professional bodybuilding’s unsavory aspects are often suppressed. Those days are well and truly over. Being as close to the action as anyone, Nasser has spent much of his life observing the oftentimes-corrupt nature of a sport he devoted his every waking moment to and the sordid nature of an industry that, at its very heart, holds many dark secrets. A full-disclosure account of the professional bodybuilding industry served with cutting wit and remarkable insight, The Truth Behind the Muscle: The Nasser El Sonbaty Story is the first book of its kind to explicitly and definitively detail the struggle a top line bodybuilder faces in his quest for competitive success. The drugs that are used to attain the professional bodybuilding physique (including Steroids, Growth Hormone, Insulin and Diuretics) will not be glanced over: every aspect of the bodybuilding drug culture (both performance enhancing and recreational) is fully documented and explicitly detailed.

Along with the never-before-read insights it contains, The Truth Behind the Muscle also provides the complete recipe for how to achieve - with cutting edge training and nutritional information - physical perfection naturally. At once a revelatory “tell all” on the bodybuilding industry and “how to” manual on gaining phenomenal strength and muscle size, this book will, with each turn of the page, shock, inform and educate. It is destined to become a classic.    

  • What anabolic drug stacks do professional bodybuilders really use?
  • How do pro bodybuilders survive the cutthroat world of professional bodybuilding?
  • 'Roid rage': myth or realty?
  • What level of corruptness exists at pro bodybuilding's highest levels?
  • How can one make the most of their genetics to become a bodybuilding champion?
  • Just what are bodybuilding major athletes really like?

The answers to these questions and many more are found in the pages of The Truth Behind the Muscle: The Nasser El Sonbaty Story.                


Coming soon! 


Reach for the Stars: The Ultimate Guide to Success
David Robson and Anthony Catanzaro

With the collected wisdom of two of the health and fitness industry’s pre-eminent insiders -
Anthony Catanzaro and David Robson - Reach for the Stars: The Ultimate Guide to Success outlines what it takes to achieve unlimited physical, mental, emotional and spiritual success and prosperity. With each turn of the page the reader will learn how to develop their potential to realize their true dreams of greatness. In the authors’ view, attaining success means more than simply excelling in a given area: for them it is all about building one’s mental, physical, emotional and spiritual components from the ground up for total development and life enrichment. This book will change your life!

Areas covered include:

* How to develop confidence.
* Building the body of your dreams: what important components are necessary
for a healthy, lean and strong physique.

  • Optimal nutrition for a sound body and mind.
  • Overcoming fear.
  • Improving motivation levels.
  • How to become a better lover.
  • Develop you own personal style.
  • Improve your quality of sleep.
  • And much more.     

Coming soon!


Death Is No Excuse: Steve Michalik’s Amazing Journey
Steve Michalik and David Robson

A bodybuilding legend, Steve Michalik has achieved the highest recognition within bodybuilding: Mr. America, Mr. Universe and Mr. USA titles. He has also experienced the agony of defeat in a sport that almost cost him his life on more than one occasion. His story is one of survival and triumph. Overcoming an abusive childhood and serious injury to stand alone as America’s best bodybuilder, along the way developing training principals that would revolutionize the sport while securing his place in the pantheon of bodybuilding greats, Steve Michalik has made his mark in many ways. His story will inspire and entertain like no other.


  • How Steve overcame a serious automobile accident to compete as a highly ranked professional bodybuilding champion.
  • The training principals Steve pioneered and how he developed them.
  • Steve’s bodybuilding evolution and how he captured the prestigious Mr. America, Mr. Universe and Mr. USA titles.
  • The true story behind Steve’s use of anabolic steroids and his views on these drugs.
  • How Steve overcame a suppressive childhood to become a world-renowned motivational speaker.
  • How to improve your life and heal your body using mind power.        


Coming soon!

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