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Most of us would like to look and feel great and experience an improved quality of life. With the large number of gyms operating and thousands of qualified trainers on offer to help, why is it then that many people fail to reach their health and fitness targets? In my experience it often comes down to a lack of contact between trainer and client. With extended contact with their trainer, a client will feel more supported and a greater degree of ongoing advice can be given. With greater knowledge and support, a client will achieve their goals faster. The best way to do this is through online training. 

With my online training service you will receive detailed training and nutritional programs tailored to your specific goals. There will also be an extensive follow-up service to ensure you continue to make progress with your new programs. Any questions you may have concerning any aspect of your program can be addressed through regular e-mail and phone correspondence with me. You will finally get all of the answers you need to become a leaner, stronger and better performing you.

Training and nutrition: the keys to lifelong health and fitness success

Each of my training programs will include the important weight training and cardiovascular components, along with sports specific instruction (if required). Your nutrition plan will include a complete breakdown of all foods that have been determined to work best for you and will feature extensive information on each nutrient so you can learn how much of each you will need to design your own eating plans as you become more knowledgeable in terms of your own health and fitness requirements. The key to improving your health and fitness is a consistent, well-balanced approach to training and nutrition, with regular support and qualified advice. With my Balance Online Training system I personally guarantee your success. 

      David Robson’s Balance Online Training will provide for you:

  • Fast results with effective training and nutrition programs.
  • Ongoing support and motivation
  • Super fast fat loss strategies and muscle building advice (for exercise beginners and advanced bodybuilders alike).
  • Instruction and advice based on my 20 years of experience as a personal trainer.
  • Unlimited e-mail correspondence: I'll answer your questions as you achieve your goals.
  • The ability to have me as your trainer regardless of where you live and the kind of schedule you have.


Training Programs
  • Initial Program: $200.00 US Dollars
  • Program Updates: $100.00 US Dollars
Nutrition Programs
  • Initial Program: $150.00 US Dollars
  • Program Updates: $100.00 US Dollars


Training/Nutrition Programs


I first contacted David after reading several of his articles on I was intrigued that a chap from NZ was so well respected and had interviewed several of the great American figure and fitness champions I admired.

I was coming out of the end of a competitive season where, though I was leaner than
I had ever been, I had sacrificed muscle and looked like a skeleton on stage in my upper body, with little or no development in my lower body. This was not a look I liked, nor one
I wanted to continue to take forward into other competitions. My competitive year had
left a bad taste in my mouth and I was kind of over the thought of ever standing on
stage again. If I was going to compete again, I wanted to do so after putting on as
much lean muscle mass as possible within the 8-10 months pre-competition.

David provided me with a good base nutrition plan and training programme in order to achieve my goals. The nutrition and training programmes were TAILORED to suit me.
They were based on my measurements, fat loss, and muscle gain, energy levels and
food preferences, not a generic “one size fits all” approach. Being an e-mail based
client, the regular contact and quick feedback to questions, photos and measurements
was also extremely helpful. I wasn’t left waiting for replies or changes to my training and
nutrition plans.

Over the period I managed to loose 10kg and achieve a Lean Body Mass of 51kg, up 5kg from last year. The regular contact and updates in training and nutrition was key to my success. This year I came in harder with more muscle than previously, and with a good
base shape to keep developing over the next few years. Though I have not reached my “ideal figure” yet, I know with David’s support and knowledge I am in a position to achieve this within the time frames I have set.

Maeve Nielsen: NABBA Wellington bodybuilding championships,
first place novice figure

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I've been training under David Robson for a little over a year now. I've gained 10 solid pounds and added an inch and a half to each arm. His extensive knowledge and encouragement have been a great help in my training. To me there is no greater compliment to give than to keep giving my continued business. I look forward to attaining my future fitness goals with his help.

John Mercurio

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David Robson has been my personal trainer for the last two years and in that time has
helped me through some very traumatic and life changing times, both emotionally and physically. When I came to him, I was quite a wreck physically, but over the past two
years he has helped me build up to a much happier, healthier and much more positive
person. Dave showed expertise in helping me to seriously concentrate on rebuilding my
body and managed to bring a little humor into the training as well. I was impressed by
the knowledge Dave had about the body and how each muscle worked and affected
other areas of the body. In working on specific areas, I was able to redevelop my body
and reassess my life with very encouraging results. I have no hesitation therefore in recommending David Robson to anyone looking to either: develop, redevelop or reassess
their health and who may be looking for options to allow this to happen. I am certain
that those who contact Dave will be glad they did. Thanks Dave!

Reverend Chunillal Pema: Executive Director OMS International NZ Inc.

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Nearly eight months ago my Daughter bought me home a business card off a local notice board concerning a personal trainer called David Robson. I was not that interested at the time. I had just lost a baby, was very overweight (had a 46 inch waist), and I certainly
didn't want to talk to someone about how fat I was. As my daughter had gone to so much trouble, I agreed to meet this trainer - it turned out his gym was situated near where I
live. Well, we walked to the gym and to be honest I complained most of the way.

So I got to meet David. I remember having the assessment done (complete with measurements), and I hated every moment of it. I even had a Moro bar in my back pocket
for afterwards. After the meeting I went home and decided I wasn't going back - it wasn't
for me. Then David rang me to confirm out starting time for the following week. He was so supportive over the phone I actually went. Eight months later, I am still training with David. Training with David has been a very positive experience for a woman who was very self-conscious about her body. Training with him has given me confidence in myself that has
spilled over into other areas of my life.

David's approach is all about ensuring you are enjoying what you are doing, while getting results and staying injury free - he is consistent in all these areas. David is very much a professional, encouraging man who has impressed me with his knowledge of training,
and how the body works. He is a hell of a nice guy as well.

The best advice I could give is to get yourself a personal trainer - and a good one.

David is one of the best!!

Donna Maria

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