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Testimonials from professional athletes and industry experts

Over the years I have worked with many successful people and all have inspired me with their wisdom and achievements. Many have become mentors. Below is a selection of testimonials written for me by some of the world’s most accomplished fitness/bodybuilding athletes, businesspeople, scientists and sporting personalities.  


It has been my great pleasure over recent
years to work with noted author and respected personal trainer David Robson. As a reader of David’s articles it is, to me, evident his
approach to physical fitness and wellness is
a sound one. As a researcher myself it is heartening to see David’s willingness to leave
no stone unturned in providing balanced, research-based, yet entertaining, articulate commentary on health and fitness matters. His ability to go beyond surface issues to glean
facts that would otherwise be overlooked is commendable. A recent project we worked on paid tribute to the great bodybuilding pioneer
and health and fitness icon Ben Weider and this has since become a highly regarded work.
Thank you David for your efforts, and I hope
to work with you on future projects

Dr. Bob Goldman

Chairman-IFBB International Medical Commission
Chairman-IFBB Doping Commission
Chairman-NPC Medical Committee
Chairman-World Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
Chairman of the Board-American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M)
President Emeritus, National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)


You are the consummate professional when dealing with World Class Bodybuilding athletes!
I want to thank you for your insightful questions and respect for my accomplishments in the Bodybuilding industry! The sport needs more people like you who help get the Gospel from the bodybuilders, word for word, to the fans of this great sport, so they can put the wisdom and information to good use in transforming
their training, dieting and motivation levels!

All the best my friend

Shawn Ray, IFBB pro bodybuilding legend.

Shawn Ray - IFBB Bodybuilding legend

David Robson has clearly established himself as
a veteran journalist of the iron game. For years, he has been writing articles on the topics of bodybuilding and exercise science in a straightforward, informative, and unflinching manner. He has a great talent for cutting
through the bull; he's able to deliver useful and interesting information in an organized and thoughtful manner. His numerous contributions are a credit to the web site, and they have helped to cement its place as
the premier online source of information for bodybuilding and weight training in general.

Gordon LaVelle: author, Training for Mass
Gordon LaVelle author and training for Mass

My hat goes off to David Robson for writing the best two Dan Lurie interviews that were ever written in my 65 years in the body building field.

Bravo****5 Stars.

David's knowledge in the fitness field is truly outstanding. David has the highest excellent
training experience in the universe. I am
proud to call David Robson a true fiend.

David, you are the best.

Dan Lurie
Old Time BODYBUILDER and America's
Most Muscular Man

Dan Lurie America's most muscular man

In our wacky world of muscle, meeting Dave
Robson in 2006 was a very positive experience.
He had contacted me for an interview for I liked the way Dave allowed
for freedom of expression. Subsequently, I began reading more of his material and eventually came to reference some of his work. He has the ability to extract both a depth and breadth of information from his subjects.

When I was faced with the task of completing
my own book and offered the honourable task of writing the autobiography of Dan Lurie, I found myself in somewhat of a quandary. Dan was tenacious in his drive to complete his book and have me do it, but I was extremely pressed to complete my own project, which had been
dragging on.

I knew a light bulb went on in Dan's head when
I suggested that he ask Dave to take on the project. Dave had already conducted a number
of very in-depth interviews from Dan and I thought he was already primed for the task.
After being made privy to much of the original draft, I had become convinced that Dan made the right decision. I probably could not have completed as good of job with Dan as Dave
had done.

What perhaps impressed me most about Dave was the fact that he carried through while still conducting his everyday, busy work schedule, which included more extensive interviews, large detailed articles, additional book projects, not to mention maintaining his own workout schedule and a great natural physique. To top it all off, he is also a very seasoned coach and trainer who has brought many to their own optimum health. It takes an amazing mind and heart to conduct oneself in such a manner.

I perceive Dave Robson as a modern-day Physical Culturist, honest in his way, balanced in body/mind/spirit, and an enormous bright light in an often dark and questionable industry.

Randy Roach,
Author of "Muscle, Smoke & Mirrors"

Rany Roach, author of Muscle, Smoke and Mirrors

David has reached a new standard in personal fitness trainer excellence. His dedication to his clients is commendable, and his commitment to spreading bodybuilding and fitness knowledge through his numerous publications is spectacular. As a nutrition and training expert, author and trainer of fitness trainers, I believe David is doing A+ work, and living the fitness lifestyle he preaches, making him an ideal role model and mentor.

Daniel Gastelu, M.S., MFS ISSA Director of Nutritional Sciences, President Supplementfacts International LLC

Since reading David's articles on, I find him to be very knowledgeable and in control as a personal trainer. I think that his expertise and knowledge of training can only add up to great results.

So if you are looking to get in shape and learn how to exercise and eat properly, then David is the one you should seek.

Bill Grant: Mr. America, Mr. World, expert trainer and nutritional consultant.

First off, I have to say that David Robson is a God gifted writer, as well as being a wonderful human being! David is an outstanding person that is in touch with his clients' goals and emotions. It has been a pleasure to work with David on many different accounts.

I still continue to work with David to this very day. He has a very successful future ahead of him because he is a real go-getter, and knows how to get the job done.

Anthony Catanzaro
(Male fitness model and Actor, CEO)

Anthony Catanzaro - NYC Health & Fitness expert and personal trainer

I have worked with David on numerous projects and his professionalism and knowledge of health and fitness has impressed me. He has a passion for the sport that comes through in his work.

Guy Grundy, pro bodybuilder.

Guy Grundy, pro bodybuilder

David is very knowledgeable on all aspects of health, wellness and fitness, and will help you to achieve your fitness goals. He is one of the best fitness consultants around.

Wong Hong, IFBB pro.

Wong Hong - IFBB Pro

David, thank you so much for the great write-up on With your kind words you have put me back in the spotlight.

Vinny Galanti: USA bodybuilding champion, pro bodybuilder.

Vinny Galanti - USA bodybuilding champion

Now that I know David, I can see the dedication, passion and professionalism in his work. As a professional athlete I am very dedicated to what I am doing, so it is good to see others like David who follow their passion. To me the body is a work of art, and when it is developed properly the work is beautiful. Thanks to David's interview with me on, people are better able to see exactly what it is like being a female bodybuilder, in my case, a woman with muscles who is also beautiful. Thank you again David for your support and for opening peoples’ eyes to women's bodybuilding.

Dayana Cadeau: IFBB professional, Ms International 2001-2004, and Ms Olympia 2004.

Dayana Cadeau - IFBB professional and Ms. Olympia 2004

As well as being a terrific writer, David is also a great source of support for me. David indeed, lives and breathes bodybuilding, being a trainer, competitor and author. I would recommend him as a trainer to any to any competitor, and I know he is the one person I shall be seeking advice from when I begin the countdown for my next world event. I wish David all the best in his contests throughout 2006 and I eagerly await his new articles.

Jo Stewart: four-time Ms New Zealand, international competitor.

Jo Stewart Ms. New Zealand competitor

I have worked with David three times now. I did the best two interviews of my career so far with him, and cannot wait for a third. David is really passionate about what he is doing and that is why his interviews are so good. He is always looking to include a lot of information and detail.

Thanks David

Julien Greaux: Mixed Martial Arts expert
and fitness trainer.

Julien Greaux - Martial Arts expert and fitness trainer

David is, hands down, the most knowledgeable personal trainer I know. He has always inspired me in many ways. And he is the most kind and generous professional I have met in a long time. If you've found him, consider yourself lucky!

“I personally use David’s advice and tips for
training my celebrity clients in the USA”.

If you're really serious about your body and want someone who really cares about getting you results, then David Robson is the trainer for you.

Joe DiAngelo: one of America's top
personal trainers.

Joe DiAngelo - Personal Trainer


To my very good friend David Robson, keep up the good work inside the world of weights and outside the world of weights. Stay strong, healthy, successful and smart - just the way you are.

Nasser El Sonbaty: Arnold Classic champion 1999, uncrowned Mr. Olympia ('95, '96 and '97), largest pound-for-pound muscular bodybuilder of all time (305 pounds ripped).

Nasser El Sonbaty - Arnold Classic Champion 1999

All the best

Ray "Sugarfoot" Sefo: International Kickboxing Champion, K1 superstar.

Ray "Sugarfoot" Sefo - International Kickboxing Champion

From the moment I first had contact with David
he was friendly, professional, polite and just full
of positivity. He knows and ins and outs of bodybuilding and has worked with many world-class athletes, which can only help to make a person grow. He writes articles that are very easy to read and understand. I would recommend David to anyone looking for a writer or personal trainer with confidence.

David Rylah: International fitness model
and bodybuilding champion.

David Rylah Internation fitness model


Thank you so much for interviewing me recently. I truly appreciate your dedication and continued enthusiasm for promoting our sport.


Jenny Lynn. 2006 Ms Olympia figure champion.

Jenny Lynn - 2006 Ms. Olympia figure champion

David Robson is a fine natural bodybuilder and writer. His writings are the future of the sport. David's contact with various people in the sport and industry provide him with outstanding information. I'm not only glad to know David,
but call him my friend.

His writings, presented to the bodybuilding and health and fitness community, are read world wide through the Internet and various printed publications. He has interviewed legends of the sport and industry and has represented them well. It is an honor to know David and the sport and industry of sports and bodybuilding has benefited from his works, through him having providing informative and revealing articles. Bodybuilding as a sport and industry is proud to have him.

Steve Speyrer: Mr. Louisiana, Mr. Southern States, Mr. USA, Mr. Southern World, personal trainer and author

Steve Speyrer - Personal trainer and author

David Robson is a fine journalist whose work I first came to know on, a website for bodybuilding, fitness, nutrition and sports training. David's many interviews and features showed a fine talent for bringing out the diverse and sometimes-difficult personalities he would query. David has often been able to elicit new and revelatory information from people, or gain access to interview personalities who otherwise have not been accessible before. His interviews always enlighten.

I got to know David personally through my involvement as an advisor and consultant on Dan Lurie's autobiography for which David is the co-author along with Dan. I have found David to be an extremely conscientious, diligent, persevering writer who, along with his obvious talent, displays a great drive to continue to work on the manuscript while seeking improvement at all times. He has the necessary quality of any good writer: he is never satisfied and strives to improve the material and his work at all times.

David's personal qualities of integrity, humility, responsibility and easy-going friendship always come through. Despite the difficulties and setbacks that might mount on any writing project, particularly a long one such as a book, David always manages to keep an even keel emotionally and has a friendly word of encouragement for others.

Greg Sushinsky: professional freelance writer, author

David. Thank you for all your kindness. God bless you and your family.

Harold Poole: Mr. Universe 1963, Mr. America, top Olympian ('65, '66 and '67)

Harold Poole: Mr. Universe 1963

To my buddy Dave Robson: A true hardcore friend! With my best wishes, sincerely.

Samir Bannout: Mr. Olympia 1983

Samir Bannout: Mr. Olympia 1983

Treat your body right and the rewards will be yours.

Your friend,

Marvin Eder; America's Strongest Man and highly ranked Mr. America competitor

Marvin Eder; America's Strongest Man

David, you have a big future. Good luck with the Natural champs.

B.J. Johns - Mr. New Zealand 1994

B.J. Johns - Mr. New Zealand 1994

David Robson has the talent to magnify a
topic without changing its meaning; I am
always pleased when David works with me
on any one of my topics.

Francis Benfatto IFBB Pro Bodybuilder

Francis Benfatto IFBB Pro

Working with David is a truly exceptional. He is super fast and a productive correspondent, which has resulted in some of the best interviews and articles in the fitness industry.
As an athlete you can feel more than blessed for having a chance to work with David.

Dan Hill: IFBB professional bodybuilder


Dan Hill - IFBB Professional bodybuilder

Photo: Reiner Dahms

David and I worked together to complete a
10-article series based on my Growth Stimulus Training program. Growth Stimulus Training is
'my baby' and I am glad that I worked with
David, as the experience was very professional, timely, and polite. 

Although we are across the world from each other, it seemed like we were neighbors. His communication was excellent and his ability to help convey my ideas in our series was a huge positive for me.

In my opinion, David produces great material and also runs his business in a professional manner. Many people will do one of those things well. David does both!

Ryan Miller
Creator and Author of Growth
Stimulus Training

David, I just wanted to say that I sincerely appreciate and have enjoyed working with you on the articles you have done on me. You are very professional, courteous and have a true genuine passion for fitness! I enjoyed answering the questions you asked as I thought they were a great way of getting the most pertinent information out to those who want to know about the athletes and what makes them tick. I think you also have a true gift as a writer and, again, such a passion for fitness in general, which makes you a very enthusiastic journalist who captures people’s attention. It’s always enjoyable to read one of your articles or an interview you have done with an athlete.

Chad McCrary
USA National Wheelchair bodybuilding champion

Chad McCrary USA National Wheelchair bodybuilding champion

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